We are excited to announce the launch of Connected Technologies’ Electronics Recycling Program. This service involves the extraction of old, damaged or non-functional IT equipment from your work environment, where it will be recycled or professionally destroyed.Electronic Recycling

Electronic equipment releases toxic materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium into the environment when disposed of directly into landfills; recycling this equipment provides an opportunity for valuable hardware to be recovered and refurbished for potential future production of new equipment.

In addition to being environmentally conscious, security of your data is of the utmost importance – that is a cornerstone of this service. Once the equipment arrives at the recycling facility, a team member will take the necessary steps to ensure all data is securely expunged from applicable equipment.

When our staff remove equipment from your location, we will transport the items back to the office; as such, fees are charged depending on the size of the equipment. For larger pickups, we will schedule a third-party company to remove the items from your location. Cost and details are as follows

Item   Fee  
Small – Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, etc.   Free  
Hard Drives   $10.00 Each  
Medium – Monitors, Printers, etc.   $15.00 Each  
Large – Workstations (including Drive Destruction)   $20.00 Each  
X-Large – Servers, Standing Printer Stations, etc.   $25.00 Each  

We welcome your participation in this new initiative to help keep the environment clean!