Get your teams working together with Microsoft Planner

Need a simple and effective way to keep your teams organized? Microsoft Planner could be the solution your organization is looking for. Microsoft, who has produced arguably the most well-known and utilized productivity apps is getting in on the current ‘productivity app-ism’ with a new addition to their Office 365 suite – Planner.

Planner is a task-planning tool designed to enable teams to collaborate and track work better. Users of Trello and Asana will be instantly familiar with its card-based layout – the cards representing tasks – with a drag and drop interface to record progress. There are also some neat color coding tricks, and visually appealing and easy to read dashboards to help teams track progress.

If you are not familiar with team task planning apps – they allow teams across your business who are working towards a single goal or outcome to organize their tasks, understand where the initiative as a whole is going, identify where issues might be and collaborate to reach the goal quicker. Essentially, a clever digital organizer for teams.

Planner bridges the gap between project management tools and personal task lists, which you can set up in Outlook. Instead, Planner is designed for team collaboration, providing a tool to assign tasks to individuals, to manage progress, for internal communication about team projects, and to provide an overview of projects in progress.

In additional with email notifications set up to remind you of a forthcoming deadline, it can certainly focus the mind on the job and help individuals prioritize their workload.

All users with eligible subscription plans, this includes Office 365 E1 through E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscribers will automatically see the Planner tile appear in the Office 365 app launcher when it is available for them to use.

Microsoft will be further enhancing Planner over the next few months including the ability to assign a task to multiple users, external user access, plan templates, customized boards and apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

See Planner in action in the overview video below. Happy planning!