Simple and Powerful Cloud Phone Solution

Get enterprise telephony features without all the hardware.

Communication is crucial for any business to succeed. The Connected Technologies VoIP Cloud can help you maintain reliable telephony services by delivering a fully managed, hosted voice over IP solution with state of the art cloud-based features. Our enterprise-grade VoIP phone system combines outstanding quality with large-scale phone features that can help your company save time and money with expensive on-premises hardware or hassles.

 VoIP Advantages

With CTI VoIP service you get 40+ built-in calling features enabling your business to do more. And thanks to the Business VoIP Revolution, features are hosted in the cloud instead of your closet.

We deliver a unique combination of technology that can accommodate everything from multi-national enterprise call center all the way to the single entrepreneur who is ready to bring the next big idea to the world.

  • There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain.
  • No technical expertise required to manage and use your phone system.
  • Get instant activation for your phone, without additional software to purchase or install.
  • The latest features and functionality instantly.
  • Access your phone system from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Easily add and fully manage users with a simple web interface.
  • Gain access to powerful tracking and reporting features.
  • Say goodbye to capital expenses, maintenance and service fees.
  • CTI – VoIP for Business
  • 39$
    per extension/month
  • Unlimited calling in Canada and the United States
  • Unlimited calling between extensions
  • 40+ calling & extension features
  • Connected Technologies support

 Pay as you grow

With premise-based PBX systems, you pay the price for less-than-perfect capacity planning by having too little or paying for too much. With a cloud hosted PBX service, you always have just the right amount of capacity at the right time to ensure you’re paying for what you need and not a penny more.

Auto Attendent

Welcome incoming callers to your business by optimizing first-touch features like Custom Greetings, Auto-Attendant, and Automated Directory.

Unlimited Calling

No per-minute charges or limits when you place calls in the Canada or the United States.

Route Calls Intelligently

Set Business and Holiday Hours to best address customers when lights have gone off for the day and take advantage of any time they may be on hold with Music/Info On Hold.

Audio Conferencing

Secure Teleconferencing and simple three-way calling for quick brainstorms is available to all users.

Ring Groups

Direct callers to a department with ring groups and allow them, for example, to “press 2 for accounting or 3 for customer support.

Phone Number Options

Multiple Numbers, Main Business Numbers, and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) all customizable anywhere with internet access.

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